Women's Compression Shorts - OG Series

LetsGo Apparel

Our specialty blend of nylon & spandex was developed with the high performance athlete in mind. We took that blend and integrated it into the most comfortable, yet durable, compression bottoms you've ever worn. Built to endure, we've placed the seams in low-wear areas, then we double stitched them. Just like the batmobile: indestructible, sleek, and black. These babies are made to last. Women's shorts & pants are both high-waisted.

Please note: Women tend to have more deviation in sizing due to variance in curves, musculature, and overall body composition. Because of the way our material is designed to compress it's suggested to err on the larger size. Some of our athletes have suggested to go up 1 size, especially for women with larger hips and thighs. We're working with our designers to find a good balance between comfort-ability, durability, and consistent sizing. We always design with the athlete in mind! See our FAQ for further details.

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