Who Are We?

Originating from Minnesota, we're a family of homegrown athletes who are passionate about training. We strive to deliver the highest quality fitness apparel to our fellow athletes, all without needing to drain the piggy bank. LETSGO Apparel continually receives feedback from our athletes to ensure we're giving you the best products. Everything from the thread count of our fabrics, seam placement, and waistband design is a direct result of feedback we’ve received from you, our athletes!

Does The Material Hold Up? 

While LETSGO apparel uses high density thread count, it's not bulletproof to bar knurling. However, one of our sponsored athletes, Tom Sroka, recommends taping (where you don't grip) to prevent rips and tears to your apparel. And YES, you can do this to improve the longevity of any of your tights regardless if you’re wearing LETSGO apparel or not.

“Premium” brands have proprietary blends, why doesn’t LETSGO?

We don't sugar coat it, there's no bullshit. 80% nylon 20% Spandex - Nylon is the material that's responsible for moisture wicking, breathability, and quick drying. Spandex provides durability and reduces transparency (Example: When you’re buried in a clean the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not people can see through your tights). We tell you what our blend is and we don’t upcharge you for the so-called “proprietary” blend.

How can I become a sponsored athlete?

While LETSGO Apparel sponsors athletes who are passionate about our brand and culture, we support athletes based on competitive merit and usage of our apparel. We encourage those interested in gaining sponsorship to reach out via our contact us page and provide a brief bio.

Will LETSGO offer more than compression shorts & pants?

That’s the plan! As we receive feedback from you, our athlete, we’ll continue to release the products that will take your training to new heights.  

How should I care for my awesome new compression bottoms?

Business as usual, if your washing machine has an agitator then turning the garments inside-out will help keep them looking new. When drying, try to use low or medium heat settings. Our premium synthetic fibers are designed to wick moisture and therefore do not require long dry times. Hang drying will also help extend the life of the product.


For the Ladies: I'm curvy, will these fit me?
LETSGO Apparel is continually receiving feedback from our athletes regarding sizing. In comparison to men, women tend to have more variance in sizing. This is because of women's differences in curves, musculature, and overall composition due to genetics, discipline of training, etc. All these factors end up creating more unique shapes and sizes in comparison to men. We're working with our designers to find a good balance so we can deliver a balance of comfort-ability, durability, and a consistent sizing. We always design with the athlete in mind!
  • Examples of fit (Pants): 
    • Sponsored athlete, Adrianne Acosta (Mash Mafia Weightlifting National Team - @adraakae) is a 63kg/138lbs weightlifter and wears size large. She has the typical build of an athlete in her weight class, however her legs are on the more muscular side.  
    • Brand Ambassador and beta-testing athlete Kathy Paneinh (@o_beast_in) is a 58kg/128lbs weightlifter comfortably wears a medium. She is shorter and on the slender side.
    • Brand Ambassador and beta-testing athlete Ashlee Wicklund (@ashleew1995) is a 75kg weightlifter & BJJ champion wears a large. Ashlee is on the shorter side, however has jacked legs and hips. Only wishes the waist band was slightly larger to accommodate her hips while putting it on.
    • Brand Ambassador Meg Palicka (@shuttuppmegg) is a 75kg weightlifter and wears an XL because she prefers slightly less compression and has well defined hips.
  • Examples of fit (Shorts):
    • Brand Ambassador Kathy comfortably wears a medium (same as pants)
    • Brand Ambassador Ashlee Wicklund wears an XL (one size up)